An Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU) Incorporating a Shade (a Very Thin Plastic Foil) Which Is Wrapped Very Tightly and Installed, Hidden, Inside Any Standard IGU

  • The IGU can be used in any residential or commercial window application
  • The IGU can also be used in automotive, aircraft and a wide variety of industrial applications
  • The shade, inside the IGU can extend to cover the window glass
  • The shade can retract, completely hidden from view
  • The shade is operable with the push of a button, with a variety of sensors or with a smartphone or web enabled device
  • The shade is coated with ink of any color, optical density or pattern
  • The shade can be glare reducing, offer true full privacy or anything in between
  • Two shades may be incorporated in the same window, providing color or optical density choices
  • Battery or line voltage operated with very low power consumption
  • It can be sold as a replacement window, not requiring an electrician for installation
  • Extremely energy efficient in both summer and winter

Extremely inexpensive, at least an order of magnitude less costly than so called “smart windows” and affordable for typical residences, development homes and commercial, industrial, hospital uses.

Double hung shades up and down

shade rolled back (left) and rolled out (right)