Affordable, Attractive Dynamic Windows for Home or Business That Can Provide Full Privacy While Substantially Reducing Energy Usage

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The Technology

NVMG has developed a dynamic window technology based on well understood fundamental laws of physics. The technology uses readily available low cost commodity materials and simple manufacturing techniques that enjoy a broad industrial infrastructure both in the United States and worldwide.

The Problem

In the United States each year, windows consume over 2.15 quadrillion Btu of heating and 1.48 quadrillion Btu of cooling energy, costing tens of billions of dollars and causing the emission of millions of tons of CO2, a greenhouse gas. Recent efforts at improving window energy efficiency with so called “smart windows” have begun to scratch the surface, but these chemical layers are much too expensive, too cumbersome or are unwelcome in many environments. The NVMG window technology completely overcomes these limitations and is affordable in typical residential and commercial buildings.

Our Company

New Visual Media Group, LLC is located in Eatontown, New Jersey and dedicated to developing the next generation of smart window technology. With a world-class technical staff and internationally recognized manager, Dr. Elliott Schlam, NVMG has combined the mature and well understood discipline of electrostatics with commodity polymer films (like plastic wrap) to create a simple, user friendly, low cost, very energy efficient Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU) that may readily be used in both residential and commercial applications. The company has produced product prototypes, performed extensive functional and reliability testing and has developed a strong and protective patent portfolio.