Low Cost Highest Quality Dynamic Aircraft Cabin Window Shades and Display Technology for DOOH Signage

Aircraft Issue

There is a growing demand for affordable electronic aircraft cabin window shading technology that will fully block out sunlight. It must be user and aircraft personnel friendly while providing minimal impact on aircraft systems, installation and maintenance.

Our Technology

Our Electropolymeric technology has been shown to provide inexpensive, energy efficient electronic window shades for windows, doors and and many other uses. These products are now in the ultra-capable hands of Guardian Industries. New Visual Media Group is making it available for aircraft cabin windows and space applications.

Outdoor Display Issue

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising needs are growing. Digital billboards are highly profitable for billboard owners but are very costly to acquire, install and maintain. Digital On-Site signage is in great demand, but the market is price limited. Digital traffic signage is expensive and cumbersome to install and maintain.

Our Technology

Now introducing our Electropolymeric reflective display technology. It functions like a display monitor by electrostatically moving microscopically thin slivers of black plastic film on a very white background. It looks like the black plastic letters that are manually inserted on traditional white message boards that are used outdoors at houses of worship and other venues. It is highly legible even in direct sunlight and at night with simple illumination. Its manufacturing cost is almost an order of magnitude less than that of an outdoor LED sign or billboard.

Our Company

New Visual Media Group, headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey with operations in North Adams, Massachusetts, has developed and demonstrated the breakthrough capabilities of its Electropolymeric technology. Dr. Elliott Schlam and NVMG have combined the mature and well understand discipline of electrostatics with commodity polymer films to demonstrate their applicability to these product lines.