ElectroPolymeric Technology for Key Markets

Electronically Controlled Cabin Window Shades

  • Complete Blackout
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • Passenger or Crew Control
  • Simple Installation
  • Very Inexpensive

Low Cost Digital Billboards, On-Site Signage, Traffic Signs

  • Fully Legible in Direct Sunlight
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • Very Light Weight
  • Tileable
  • Full Color
  • Can Be Installed on Existing Structures
  • 1/7th the Cost of LED Signage

Windows, doors and many other applications of this technology are now in the ultra-capable hands of Guardian Industries.

6 Industrial Way West, Suite G, 2nd Floor
Eatontown, New Jersey 07724
fax: 732-493-3871

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